About The Choir

About the Organization

Founded in 2006 in Warwick, NY, Jubilate (you-bih-LAH-tay) is a co-ed choir organization of talented, dedicated youth in grades four through twelve. Our choirs perform during the academic year and hold auditions in September and occasionally in January (as announced). We seek members with good raw musical talent and a serious desire to take an active part in an exceptional music education program. Members pay an annual tuition and scholarships are available based on need.

The Jubilate organization is a vibrant group – growing from 12 treble members at inception to 62 members now. Christ Church, Warwick is Jubilate’s founding sponsor, providing the original vision, original steering committee, start-up funds, and continued access to our rehearsal space. The choir would not exist without the enthusiasm and many forms of support it has received from Christ Church parishioners and staff.

The wonderful families and friends of Jubilate and our local businesses have been eagerly supportive in many ways. Our steering committee pursues grants and organizes fundraising events.

Jubilate has performed at Carnegie Hall, local houses of worship, public concerts, community events, St. Paul’s Chapel at Ground Zero, and a Sussex Skyhawks baseball game. The choirs have performed with the Classic Choral Society as well as accomplished artists in the pop, bluegrass, folk, rock and classical music genres. Our liturgical choir performs regularly at Christ Church, Warwick.

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About the Choirs

The Jubilate Treble Choir (grades 4 – 12) focuses on music education and the development of fundamental music and performance abilities. This choir offers the perfect venue in which to learn and practice foundational vocal technique, music theory and ensemble performance skills. It is an excellent choice for newer ensemble singers or for more experienced singers looking for a chance to grow vocally in a lower-commitment environment. The Treble Choir rehearses weekly on Wednesdaysfrom 5:30pm – 6:15pm. The choir performs in two seasonal concerts each year.

The Jubilate Concert Treble Choir (grades 5 – 12) offers exposure to a more advanced musical repertoire as well as more sophisticated score study, sight-reading and vocal techniques. Concert Choir members are held to higher expectations regarding focus, attendance and responsibility for learning music. Participation in this choir requires both an individual and a group discipline that results in an exemplary performance experience for audience and choir alike. The Concert Choir rehearses weekly on Wednesdays from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. A more rigorous performance schedule (at least double the commitment of the Treble Choir) includes both community and travel appearances as well as participation in seasonal concerts.

Jubilate Liturgical Choir (open by audition to members of the Concert Choir) This smaller, more intimate, ensemble of treble voices performs sacred music, both new and ancient, as well as more contemporary praise compositions, and will learn and practice the unique skills required for performance in a small ensemble. The Liturgical Choir performs in the liturgy of Christ Church four times during the season, and may be called upon to perform at other houses of worship. Rehearsals correspond to performances, and will be scheduled as needed and with the schedules of the choir members in mind.

The Jubilate Men’s Chorus (grades 7 – 12) offers young tenors and basses the opportunity to perform music from both the traditional and contemporary collegiate men’s glee club repertoire. This ensemble will also be called upon to collaborate with the treble choirs to perform SATB selections with a larger group. The Jubilate Men’s Chorus rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm-7:30pm, and participates in both community and travel appearances, as well as in our two seasonal concerts.